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About Me

Wholehearted Commitment

My name is Ashley Murdock and I am a registered nurse by trade but a fitness addict at heart. I received my first nursing degree over ten years ago. Most recently I obtained a dual MSN/MBA degree at the age of 37 from Jacksonville University to be able to pursue my dream position at the facility I call home, Southeast Health in Dothan, Alabama. Years ago, multiple long shifts and bad nutrition coupled with no physical activity began to take a toll on my life. I was working anywhere from sixteen to eighteen hours a day evenings or night shift at least four days a week. Shifts were hectic most nights and the majority of my meals ended up being consumed after I clocked out for the day. I would eat a meal of a biscuit and gravy, patty sausage, and eggs with cheese almost every morning then come home and go straight to sleep. Can you guess what that did to me? It made me gain close to thirty pounds very quickly. I was one of “those” people who criticized others for working out and thought the gym was useless. I am a nurse. I knew better than to believe this way.

I am only 61 inches tall, therefore that thirty pounds showed quite quickly. I had reached 162 pounds before I realized what I had done to myself. I bent over to tie my shoes one day and literally said to myself, “Girl get ahold of yourself”. I began a whole lifestyle transformation the next week. I joined our local Planet Fitness as my first step. I began logging my calories on a tracking application and came to the realization that I was eating double what I really should have been eating. At this point, I abruptly quit drinking soda, cut back on carbohydrates, and increased my water intake to almost a gallon a day. I was able to shed thirty pounds in three months working out four days a week and making the necessary nutrition changes.

Here I am six years later. This story is dedicated to my fitness anniversary coming up in December. I have since become an avid obstacle course racer. In 2019 I completed a Spartan Trifecta and multiple other races.

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